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For Grantees

This page provides information for organisations who have received a grant from Frame, Voice, Report!

For documents and formats which are relevant for the administration of a grant from FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! please find them on the national specific homepages by choosing the language of your region at the top rigth site of this page. 



Deadlines for reporting are defined in your Grant Contract.

Final narrative and audited financial reports shall be send by email to the FRAME, VOICE, REPORTpartner organisation in your region. For contact details see "Contact" (right site of the top menu)

How to Engage Citizens with the Global Goals

Go to "Resources" and find our FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!-guide on How to Engage Citizens with the Sustainable Development Goals

Administrative and Financial Requirements

As a Grantee your organization will be committed to meet a series of conditions and demands concerning how to manage the grant. In the Guide on Administrative and Financial Requirements you can read about these demands.

Therefore, kindly families yourself with the requirements in the Guide and make sure that you administrate your grant in accordance with the rules set out.

NB: There are national variations to the requirements. Therefore, always use the version of the document drawn up in the proper language of your region. 

Learning Cycle

As a Grantee you will be part of a joint learning cycle together with other grant holders. The learning cycle consists of:

  • A start-up seminar where grant holders share strategies and methodologies and identify joint training needs


  • Two trainings where the content is defined by the grant holders themselves in accordance with the needs of the group (e.g. on constructive communication, media cooperation, use of southern voices or on gender, migration and climate change)


  • Peer coaching with other grant holders


  • End seminar where grant holders share experiences with other interested organizations and stakeholders


Participation in start-up seminar, peer coaching and end seminar are obligatory, but free of charge, with two participants per action. Trainings are voluntary, and also free of charge.

The specific dates for the different sessions will be defined in your Grant Contract.  

In the case of two (or more) organisations applying together a cooperation agreement shall be drawn up between the lead applicant and the co-applicant. It is important that it describes the responsibilities and obligations as well as the rights of all parties involved. This page contains inspiration to the disposition of such an agreement (see below). The cooperation agreement should be signed by all parties before the implementation of the Action.


Agreement of Cooperation

Signatories (all applicants)

Duration of the Action

Concerning (title of the Action)

Framework (governing documents):

1. The present agreement and its   appendixes

2. The Action document approved by the Frame, Voice, Report! and its budget

3. The Frame, Voice, Report! Guide on Administrative and Financial Requirements

Responsibilities and competencies

- Lead organisation

- Co-Applicant(s)/Grantee(s)

Administration of the Action budget, including:

-       Procedures for payout of funds

-       Rules concerning budget changes

-       Procedures concerning reporting and accounting

-       Auditing requirements

-       Transfer of equipment (use list from budget)

-       All original vouchers, etc. must be stored for 5 years after the termination of the project 

Breach of the agreement

Modifications of the agreement

Termination of the agreement

Anti-corruption clause

Entry into force

-       Agreement signed by the Grantee(s) with a copy to each.

Please see the Guide of Administrative and Financial Requirements to know which changes are possible to make.

NB: Frame, Voice, Report! needs to receive the request well in advance and not after the activities have been completed. 

Format for Request for Adjustments & Budget Revision


After the intervention has ended; a final report and account on the grant must be submitted. See requirements for financial reporting in the Guide on Administrative and Financial Requirements.

All formats shall be submitted in the proper language of your region. Change the language to the one of your region in the top right site of this page and find the correct formats. 

The signed grant contract serves as the initial pre-financing payment request and a request for disbursement of the last 20% must be submitted alongside the final reporting using the proper format (Payment request for Grant Contract)

All formats shall be submitted in the proper language of your region. Change the language to the one of your region in the top right site of this page and find the correct formats. 

As recipient of FVR grants, we are responsible for informing the Frame, Voice, Report! without delay of any event – including suspicion of fraud or other irregularities – likely to affect or delay the implementation of the Action. 

The Frame, Voice, Report!’s format for reporting of problems and irregularities must be used. 

The report must be submitted in writing, stating how you plan to solve and follow up the difficulties and/or irregularities observed. You are very welcome to contact the relevant partner in your country/region if an action runs into problems, enabling us to guide you in how to report the problems and how to pursue a solution.

Confirmed cases of irregularities will be reported to the EU Commission.

All formats shall be submitted in the proper language of your region. Change the language to the one of your region in the top right site of this page and find the correct formats. 

Here you will find the relevant logos for download and use on all publications and digital productions.  


  • All products made as part of FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! shall make the reference “funded with support from the EU”  

  • Any publication, in whatever form and by whatever medium, including the internet, shall include the following statement:
    “This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of [grant holder’s name] and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.”





EU Logo "Funded with support from the EU"


Here you find the FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! Guidelines in English.

PLEASE NOTE, that if you intend to apply, it is important that you read the Guidelines for Applicants in your proper language before submitting an application, since different countries/regions have different variations.

In this English version of the Guidelines you can read about the overall objectives of FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!, about who can apply and which types of Actions that can be funded.