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Background and objective

FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! was a support facility granted by the European Commission with the objective of strengthening and enhancing awareness and engagement among EU citizens in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals  - more commonly known as the Global Goals.

Through two application rounds (one in 2018 and one in 2019) FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! financed communication actions of European civil society organisations in order to raise awareness and increase engagement of EU citizens in the efforts towards realising the Global Goals. The grants also involved a joint learning cycle for grantees. See all granted Actions under "Grant overview"

If you are interested in the design of the support facility you can find the Guidelines at the buttom of this page.  

FRAME, VOICE, REPORT was designed and managed by six European partners  - CISU, COP, KEPA, LAFEDE, RESACOOP and WILDE GANZEN plus 11.11.11 as associate - and built on these partners’ previous experiences with development education:

Wilde Ganzen ( from the Netherlands and CISU ( from Denmark were both part of the EU funded project Reframing the Message that wanted to raise awareness about and question the values and frames used in development communication as well as stressing global interconnectedness and causes and context of poverty and inequality. Reframing the message produced a background and toolbox document as well as a communication toolkit.

KEPA ( from Finland has had an initiative called Enhancing Southern Voices in Global Education that stressed that any development approach and communication that serves for global justice and solidarity must built on equal involvement of participants, concepts and expertise from both the global North and global South. Enhancing Southern Voices produced a booklet about the experiences.

COP ( from the Piedmonte region in Italy, Resacoop ( from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France and Lafede ( from Catalonia in Spain have together implemented the EU funded
Development Reporter Network that aimed to strengthen collaboration between journalists and NGOs in order to improve the quality and impact of information in the media related to global problems and international development and cooperation. Development Reporter Network has developed a Vademecum on how to communicate about global issues and problems.

These former and current initiatives were all part of the design of FRAME, VOICE, REPORT  – now specifically in relation to the Global Goals. 

Evaluation of FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!

Now FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! have come to and end. Take a look at the external Evaluation of the project showing our results.

How to engage create engagement in the Global Goals

Let's keep work on engaging people!

Read our How to Engage Citizens with the Sustainable Development Goals. The guide present different methoeds on how to engage citizens all based on the learnings and cases from FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! 



How to Engage Citizens with the Global Goals

Go to "Resources" and find our FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!-guide on How to Engage Citizens with the Sustainable Development Goals

Guidelines and other relevant documents about Frame, Voice, Report!

Here you find the FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! Guidelines in English.

PLEASE NOTE, that if you intend to apply, it is important that you read the Guidelines for Applicants in your proper language before submitting an application, since different countries/regions have different variations.

In this English version of the Guidelines you can read about the overall objectives of FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!, about who can apply and which types of Actions that can be funded.


When you apply for funding please fill-in and submit the following formats:

  • Application format
  • Budget format 
  • Deklaration by Applicant – if you are two or more organisations applying together each organisation shall sign this Declation. 

Also remember, that it is mandatory to submit your Organisational Status, and latest approved Organisational Annual Narrative and Financial Report

A Guide on how to submit the application can be found below.

All formats shall be submitted in the proper language of your region. Change the language to the one of your region in the top right site of this page and find the correct formats.