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Here you find the FRAME, VOICE, REPORT Tool Kit. 

The FRAME, VOICE, REPORT tool kit is based on a combination of previous experiences and tools from FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! partners as well as new parts. 

The Tool Kit serves as an introduction to many concepts relevant for raising public awareness and engagement on the Global Goals. The Tool Kit can be used as a supplement to FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! guidelines and formats or as a general tool box for working with Development Education and Awareness raising (DEAR).

The Tool Kit is not a strict check list or in any way a legal document for neither FRAME, VOICE, REPORT partners nor applicants. It is meant for inspiration and explanation of many of the concepts used in other FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! documents.

Download the FRAME, VOICE REPORT Tool Kit

Access to application form

Applications to FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! shall be submitted in the local language of the region/country where the applying Organisation has domicile. Therefore, before you start the application process you shall choose the proper language for this website.