For Applicants
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For applicants

This page provides information for organisations who wish to apply for funding from FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!

To know the application deadlines in your region please change the language to the one of your region in the top right site of this page. 

Below you will find FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! Guidelines for Applicants and Administrative and Financial Requirements. Please note, that there are national variations in criterias and requirements. For national variations find the documents in your proper language by changing the language in the top right site of this page.

NB: All formats including application and budget format should be drawn up in the proper language of the region where you are applying. Find all formats available in your language by changing the language of this page. 

Read about our personal data policy on the bottom of this page.

Access to application form

Applications to FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! shall be submitted in the local language of the region/country where the applying Organisation has domicile. Therefore, before you start the application process you shall choose the proper language for this website.

Documents for Applicants

Here you find the FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! Guidelines in English.

PLEASE NOTE, that if you intend to apply, it is important that you read the Guidelines for Applicants in your proper language before submitting an application, since different countries/regions have different variations.

In this English version of the Guidelines you can read about the overall objectives of FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!, about who can apply and which types of Actions that can be funded.


You will find the Frame, Voice, Report! Tool Kit here

The tool kit serves as an introduction to many concepts relevant for raising public awareness and engagement on the Global Goals. The tool kit can be used as a supplement to FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! guidelines and formats or as a general tool box for working with Development Education and Awareness raising (DEAR).

Administrative and Financial Requirements

If you receive a grant from FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! your organization will be committed to meet a series of conditions and demands concerning how to manage the grant. In the Administrative and Financial Requirements you can read about these demands.

Please note, that there are national variations to the requirements. Therefore, always use the version of the document drawn up in the proper language of the region where you are applying. 

Kindly read the document before applying FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! for funding.


When you apply for funding please fill-in and submit the following formats:

  • Application format
  • Budget format 
  • Deklaration by Applicant – if you are two or more organisations applying together each organisation shall sign this Declation. 

Also remember, that it is mandatory to submit your Organisational Status, and latest approved Organisational Annual Narrative and Financial Report

A Guide on how to submit the application can be found below.

All formats shall be submitted in the proper language of your region. Change the language to the one of your region in the top right site of this page and find the correct formats. 

The completed Application format and budget and the signed Declaration by Applicants shall be uploaded through the online application module (box in the top right site of this page). 

When you enter the module you will first be asked to answer a number of yes/no questions ensuring that you are eligible as applicant. Thereafter you receive a link to the actual application site.

Please do not lose this email since the link cannot be regenerated and will function as your entrance to your application site both before and after submission. 

When you follow the link you will be asked to insert basic information about the Action applied for, where after you can upload your application and relevant annexes. Please note, that all documents shall be uploaded as pdf-files and that the actual application and Declaration by Applicant(s) need to be signed by the legal representative of your organization and co-applicants (if any).

NB: During the process you can save entered information and then leave the page and return later by following the link in the email you have received.

Personal data: For your information, you can read about the purpose for registration of the name and email of the contact person of the action applied below - on the bottom of this page – cf. The general data protection regulation of the European Union.

For Frequently Asked Questions look here: FQA

Personal data policy

Here you can read about the purpose for registration of the name and email of the contact person of the action applied for.  

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